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Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology



associate professor
Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology
group of genetics and crop breeding
crop breeding, plant biotechnology, human ecology, bioethics
PhD, Pannon University of Agriculture, 1998
comparative analysis of the N-fertilizer responses of maize genotypes
agricultural engineer, Pannon University of Agriculture Georgikon Faculty of Agronomy, 1988

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University of Pannonia
Georgikon Faculty
Keszthely Festetics u. 7.
P.O.Box 8361
Keszthely, 66, 71

Research Interests: environmental and agricultural bioethics, human ecology, potato molecular genetics, rye and crimson clover maintenance breeding.

Academic Distinctions: György Békéssy Postdoctoral Fellowship for plant molecular research (2001-2004)

assistant professor 1997, associate professor 2005

Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Principles of Crop Improvement, Human Ecology, Environmental & Agricultural Bioethics

Research Abstract:
The amazing recent improvements in biotechnology provide synthesized information and practical knowledge in agriculture, focusing specifically on the human health, welfare, and environmental protection. The synergetic use of conventional and novel technologies can increase the efficiency of various breeding programs, and open new possibilities to enhance yields, stability, quality and nutritional value of crop species. Bioethics, in the era of novel technological methods, studying the responsible use of technologies and decision making processes can serve environmentally and socially sustainable urban and rural development. Associated ethical issues can promote to solve ethical dilemmas in increasing agricultural production and environmental management, focusing on ecological and economical aspects of the environment–society–economy relationships.

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Alföldi, Z. and T. Csikász. (2000). Grain growth analysis of maize hybrids under different N-fertilization. In: Carlier, L., J. Van Waes, A. De Vliegher, L. Gevaert, and K. Pithan (Eds.) Crop development for the cool and wet regions of Europe. Cost Action 814: N-use efficiency. European Communities, Brussels, Belgium. p. 266-272.
Alföldi, Z., E. Fabbro és F. Donati. 2008. Genetically modified grapevine: wine-producers’opinion in the regions of Pannonia and Friuli Venezia Giulia. IV.Erdei Ferenc Scientific Conference, Kecskemét, 27-28 Aug., 2007 (419-422).
Cernák, I., J. Taller, I. Wolf, E. Fehér, G. Babinszky, Z. Alföldi, G. Csanádi, & Z. Polgár (2008). Analysis of the applicability of molecular markers linked to the PVY extreme resistance gene Rysto, and identification of new markers. Acta Biol. Hung. 59(9):195-203.

Professional Societies, Editorial Board:
Georgikon for Agriculture (Member of the Editing Board),
Educational Committee of University of Pannonia (Member),
Committee of Plant Breeding at University of Pannonia, Georgikon Faculty (President),
Hungarian Association of Plant Breeders (Member),
Association of Hungarian Geneticists (Member).

International cooperation:
University of Modena, Faculty of Agriculture, Reggio Emilia, Italy
The University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA
Iowa State University (ISU), USA
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan
ETH Zenter, Zürich, Switzerland

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